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코에이와 전국무쌍은 나에게 대체 무슨 짓을 했길래 연성을 쉬지 않게 만드는 걸까… 여튼 교부때문에 살기 힘듭니다.

그리고 드로워에서 그리는 거 재밌네요. 

しばらく戦むその沼から抜け出す事は難しいと思います。 大谷さん…はあ…


해당어: sengoku musou Otani Yoshitsugu todo takatora Ishida Mitsunari

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익명 회원님의 질문: Have you draw Woman Aoba x Male Clear,This would be like a dream come true if you would drew this,I just enjoy your art so much my heart rate goes faster every time I see I never can get enough of it,You have been blessed with a glorious git that everyone loves,May God bless you and your entire family all of you are perfect human beings from the heavens ^o^!!

Thank you very much
Clear / Aoba is all good in any situation, because if someday I would like to draw. XD

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samuumenco님의 질문: i was just wondering, is it was okay to use one of your Clear pixels on my blog if i credit you?

Sorry. In any case the my arts is another site does not allow Repost.